Experts in projecting future medical costs

Specializing in lifecare plans and medical cost projections

We provide a non-biased, expert opinion of future medical costs covering all of your client’s treating physicians’ treatments and recommendations.


LCPpro is your team of legal experts with a medical background.

We provide life care planning consulting services because we know what matters – accuracy, timeliness, and defensibility.



Life Care

This thorough process includes the review of medical records as well as in-depth interviews with the injured person, family members and care providers. We consult with treating providers and provide more than a detailed report.


Medical Cost

Our experts will review medical records and provide an expert opinion of future medical costs. This process is simple and can be the perfect solution for a time-sensitive case.


We value credibility and are certified by reputable organizations.

let's work together

We collaborate with treating physicians to ensure our reports are accurate and defendable.

Our team is licensed, credentialed, and brings a wealth of experience. We understand that your reports are time-sensitive. We work with your firm and providers to quickly obtain records to complete reports in a timely fashion.

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