Experts in projecting future medical costs

Specializing in lifecare plans and medical cost projections

We provide a non-biased, expert opinion of future medical costs covering all of your client’s treating physicians’ treatments and recommendations.


LCPpro® is your team of legal experts with a medical background.

We provide life care planning consulting services because we know what matters – accuracy, timeliness, and defensibility.



Life Care

This thorough process includes the review of medical records, a medical chronology, as well as in depth interviews with the injured person and their family members. We collaborate (when necessary) with treating physicians and provide a blueprint for your client’s future medical care and cost.


Medical Cost

Our experts will quickly review medical records and provide a third-party, non-biased opinion of future medical costs. This process is simple, quick, and is perfect to be used with initial offers and/or demand letters.


Economist Report
for Calculating
Present Value of LCP

This report accounts for each item in the Life Care Plan and will be placed in its appropriate Consumer Price Index category according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Each item will be adjusted annually by percent change (twenty-year average) in the item’s category for the life expectancy of the injured person.



Employability and Earning Capacity Expert Witness cases that need an opinion regarding a person’s employability and earning capacity due to injury, loss of access to the local labor market, reduced employment, loss of employment and loss of ability to perform household services.


We value credibility and are certified by reputable organizations.

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Our team is licensed, credentialed, and brings over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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